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Grow Your Sensation-Based Awareness for a More Authentic Embodiment

Join me on a journey to Somatic Pleasure, the gratifying experience of being fully present in your body, truly savoring being alive in this moment.

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What are Somatics?

Somatics¬†is how we relate to the world. We are an integrated psychobiology‚ÄĒan ecosystem if you will‚ÄĒcomprising of¬†our physical, emotional, and spatial bodies.

Pleasure is what feels good to you and makes you feel good, no matter how simple, complex, or… kinky.

Somatic Pleasure is the profound and gratifying experience that comes from being fully present in your body, aware of every physical sensation, allowing you to truly savor being alive in this moment.


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We'll explore self-awareness, sensuality and our interconnectedness with everything around us through the 4 foundations of Somatics: breath, touch, movement, and mindfulness.

For me, your development is personal!

From childhood and many years into adulthood, I felt incompetent and unable to "get a handle" on life, no matter how much "success" I experienced.

For more than 30 years I have been exploring and studying to understand why how I felt inside didn't match what was happening around me, and how that was effecting my perceptions and decisions.

What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities has turned into a system that has helped hundreds step into who they really are and show up in their lives with discernment, with the ability to ride the waves of this volatile & complex life with some semblance of grace and ease.

Knowing how to identify the sensations in your body and use the tools of Somatics to manage your inner state gives you the opportunity to create the life you've always longed for.

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This is NOT a "get rich quick, find your soulmate, become enlightened, best sex of your life" type of process, BUT, I promise you this:

‚ÄĒif you want ANY of these things, Somatic Pleasure is the journey that will give you the tools to achieve them.

Resources For Every Stage of the Journey!

Online Courses

Take a self-guided journey with an ever growing body of work.

In these courses you will learn basic to advanced tools for the 4 foundational practices of Somatics: Breath, Touch, Movement and Mindfulness.

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1-on-1 Coaching

James has over 30 years experience working in all kinds of settings.

Explore how you can learn from James in private sessions or coaching programs.


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Group Cohorts


Community calls and group education.

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Intro to Somatic Thai Massage

Begin your exploration of the world of touch and its Somatic interplay with breath, movement, and mindfulness with my free micro-course, "Introduction to Somatic Thai Massage: Invitation to Savasana."

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What Others Say About Working With Me

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Expand Your Somatic Practice 

Begin your Somatic Thai Massage journey.

Touch is one of the quickest and most assured ways to get to core issues and break through old patterns.

Begin your exploration of the world of touch and how it interplays with breath, movement, and mindfulness to help create a greater sense of inner awareness for both you and your receiver.

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Next-level technique and awareness.

Touch is crucial to psychological development and emotional well-being.

Here we begin to build an your tool box of techniques to better guide your receiver into a deeper exploration with their relationship to touch.

Somatic Thai Massage: Level 1 speaks to the power of sensation-based awareness and how touch is integral to that process.

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A refined touch experience.

In Level 2 we expand the techniques from Level 1, rounding out your tool kit so that you can bring a more personal, creative and nuanced experience to the person receiving.

You will learn that less is more and slowing down is imperative to giving and receiving with awareness and presence.

Let your body discover its pathway through new explorations in touch and movement.

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