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Forging new levels of dynamic body wisdom
with Somatic Thai Massage Level 2

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Thai Massage is a somatic practice that integrates the whole body as an essential place of change, learning, and transformation so that powerful things can happen. 

Level 2 expands the scope of modalities and techniques to help expand awareness of yourself, your connection to others, and to the world around you.

This is the definition of Authentic Embodiment.


"James is by far the best somatic practitioner I've ever worked with."



1. Supine Invitation to Savasana

This opening section of level two is much the same as the level one. You'll see a little bit of change in the sequence and some additions.

Specifically, we'll be adding in The Hug. It's a very comforting move as long as it works for both the receiver’s and the giver’s bodies.

2. Legs & Hips

Focusing on each leg individually, alternating sides, doing three or four postures, or some sequence that feels logical to you. 

What's been added here is the runner's stretch, the bicycle and what I like to call the “foot in the ass.”

3. Side-Lying

The side-lying sequence is one of those types of sequences that really covers the whole body, even more so as you will see in more advanced levels.

There are times when starting here is very appropriate (someone has a hard time lying flat, pregnancy etc).

4. Prone Back Work

In the prone or face down position, we're working the back lines of the body.

Mostly, we are going to use the body weight and leverage which are vital to creating a sensation of relaxation, care, and also caring for your own body.

5. Double Leg Supine

Here we’ve added in a single leg plow. It's a hamstring compression and stretch.

And adding into that we will be working the hamstrings and the hamstring attachments using the “Unhappy Baby.” I call it that because sometimes it's a little intense for people.

6. Seated Back Work

In this section you will find more refined description, explanations, and perspective on working with the receiver from this posture.

It's not super intense, this is meant to be a very gentle, soothing kind of movement.

Hello! I'm James.

Ready for a new perspective on new age bullshit?

My enigmatic presence disrupts the dance of conformity with a profound blend of playfulness and philosophical depth.

With over two decades of experience as a Somatic Educator, Therapist, and Pleasure Artist, I craft a symphony of self-awareness through movement, touch, and mindfulness, drawing from a wealth of global wisdom acquired from his travels across diverse landscapes.

Former Marine turned maestro of somatic self-discovery, my mission is to cultivate a Global Consciousness (Re)evolution, translating the forgotten language of the body into a tapestry of sensation-based awareness, inviting individuals to embrace life's myriad shades with hedonistic fervor while fostering trust, safety, and reciprocity in a world envisioned as a joyous exploration of energetic currency.

Let's go, baby!

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