Intro to Somatic Thai Massage (FREE for you!)

You've made it into the community! Now time for a treat!

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It's a great way to getting acquainted with the tenets of the Somatic Pleasure methodology.

As a special thank you, I want to give you direct access to Introduction to Somatic Thai Massage: Invitation to Savasana!

This is a micro-course intended to help you get started connecting with touch. 

This simple, full-body Thai Massage routine is structured for anyone interested in learning more about this ancient and effective modality whether or not you have ever had any massage training.

For those who are desiring to deepen their study of massage in general, and Thai Massage specifically, this is a great place to start.

In this introductory course, you have access to a video of the full, Invitation to Savasana flow and two supplementary videos demonstrating basic techniques for the back and shoulders; all with clear verbal instruction.

To top it off, you also receive a downloadable manual with over 80 full-color images, and space to make personal notes.

When you're finished, come tell us what you think in the community!